The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems

The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems

The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems

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The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems is a publication which outlines the integrated approach to prevention developed by the Polish staff of the Institute for Integrated Prevention. The approach is summarized in the so called “7 levers of effective prevention” which are a set of strategic recommendations providing a coherent entirety – a cooperation platform for local and nationwide initiatives. Our approach has been presented during numerous workshops and conferences in Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, Ethiopia and it was very well received.

The publication summarizes the year-long positive work of its authors. According to experts, establishing the grounds of a coherent action programme in the area of education and prevention, that is based on scientific research, values, and practical experience, is of strategic importance. The recommendations included in The Guidebook should be known by social, educational, and health policy makers.

The Polish edition of The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems was distributed by the Polish CED (Centre for Education Development) to the education departments of all local government authorities in Poland. Its recommendations have been recently incorporated by the Ministry of Health in their work on the National Public Health Programme 2016-2020. The authors are making great efforts to make the approach of integrated prevention reach other institutions as well. The Guidebook is written in an easily accessible language and it takes the form of a hybrid between a scientific report and a practical guide.

The first, Polish edition of the The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems was co-financed by the EU’s European Social Fund and published in 2015. Link to the entire Guidebook in Polish in PDF format.


Opinions of reviewers

Our youth in many nations around the world are trying to cope with many risk factors in their lives and not succeeding. Fortunately, this new book, The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems, presents both effective solutions, and even more importantly, it lays out in clear language many empirically and practically tested strategies for prevention! I endorse it wholeheartedly for everyone who wants to make a positive difference in saving the hearts and souls of our next generation while also enriching their minds.

Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Stanford University, USA


The Guidebook contradicts many harmful negative myths concerning adolescents. The results of the authors’ research challenge the popular view that teenagers generally reject adult authority. In my practical experience, I see how essential the role of mothers and grandmothers is in the lives of young people, and it is them to whom adolescents turn first if they are in need. This observation is in harmony with the authors’ research results, showing that the majority of adolescents point to their mother, father and grandmother as the most important life guides. This valuable publication can help professionals as well as local and state authorities to appreciate and respect the fundamental role of the family in their daily work with youth.

Ms Axelle Trillard
Coach supporting mothers
MA in psychology and philosophy, France


Grzelak’s The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems is today’s most positive book about youth challenges. Based on sound reasoning and strong evidence, impressively researched and accessibly written, this book provides hope and help to the new generation. It is also a welcome relief to see how important parents and the family are, and the values passed on by them, in supporting the healthy development of adolescents. I hope this publication will be widely used.

Petar Valkov, PhD
Chief Assistant Professor of Psychology
Trakia University, Bulgaria


The Guidebook is based on a very thorough scientific, methodological, and statistical analysis. It reaches the deep foundations of prevention and not its surface. It suggests tackling the broadest possible real social base (rather than a virtual one – which is a common practice today), in the context of the positive aspects of people’s functioning, and not its defects. I highly recommend reading this valuable and unique work.

Leszek Putyński, PhD
Doctor of Medicine, Clinical Psychologist
University of Łódź, Poland


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